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Claims Process


We understand that you have experienced a loss and that you believe Entergy Texas, Inc. may be responsible. If we are responsible, we are sorry and we want to promptly and fairly compensate you for your loss. To evaluate your claim, we must determine how the incident happened, whether or not we are legally responsible for the loss, the extent of your damages, and what the law considers fair compensation. Below you will find frequently asked questions about filing a claim with us.


It is our policy to respond to claims quickly and fairly. We evaluate each claim case-by-case based on the information you provide and our investigation. This can take some time, depending on the complexity of the incident and the quality of information you provide. Our goal is to reach a decision on your claim within 10 business days of receipt. However, if there are complex issues involved or we need additional information, the process may take longer. When our investigation is complete, we will either call you or send you a letter with our investigation results.


We strive to provide high quality and reliable service to all its customers. However, constant uninterrupted service, under all conditions, cannot be guaranteed. Generally speaking, pursuant to Public Utility Commission of Texas’ rules and regulations, we are only responsible for damages that result from our gross negligence. We are not responsible for damages that are the result of forces beyond our control. For example, in most instances, we are not responsible for power outages or voltage fluctuations caused by weather-related conditions, animals, or other acts of nature.

You also have a responsibility in this process. You should retain copies of all receipts so you can provide full and accurate documentation of any loss or damage sustained. You must also mitigate your damages, which means that you have the duty to try to minimize the loss and to make sure that losses or expenses incurred because of an incident are not building up needlessly and that they are reasonable in relation to the loss.


You may wish to refer your claim to your insurance company. The insurer may be able to reimburse you for your losses without an investigation. If so, your insurer and Entergy Texas can then determine whether or not we have any responsibility for the damages, and if so, agree on the amount due.