Entergy Texas Smart Energy Future
Entergy Texas

Advanced Meters

The Public Utility Commission of Texas recently approved Entergy Texas' plan to deploy an advanced metering system throughout service area, joining millions of other electric customers across Texas. This is the first step in building a smarter energy future for you. 
We've already begun upgrading our system. In 2019, we will begin the installation of advanced meters with projected completion in 2021. Once installed, the meters will connect to this system, allowing two-way communication between our customers and us.

Advanced metering provides the foundation for upgrading our technology and has helped utilities around the world put more information and control into customers' hands, while paving the path for a more energy-efficient future through the integration of new technology.
The new technology will provide a great deal of value and a number of future benefits to customers, including improved outage detection, faster restoration response time and more information and tools available to customers to help make better decisions about energy use.

Beginning in January, 2018, and through December, 2022, there will be a monthly $2.92 surcharge added to Entergy Texas residential customers' bills. Following, the surcharge will drop to $1.59 per month through 2029.